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Welcome to dave-IT

For the next generation of big businesses.

dave-IT is an African based company which specialises in Websites, Web Applications, Hosting, e-Learning, Graphic Design and Web based businesses . We provide affordable IT solutions for all Organisations, SME’s and Individuals.

We can
fix Africa using technology.

about dave-it

Now more than ever, IT is a smart investment…

We understand that every business has different needs for managing their technology. Our pricing  delivers what you need and want without overstepping the boundaries of your budget. From smartphones to  websites to cloud services to data backup, we’re here to team up with you and your company to achieve your goals.

01. Websites and Web Applications
02. Web and Email Hosting
03. e-Learning - Hardware & Software
04. Computers, Laptops, Smartphones

We needed a reliable hosting service for emails and communication. In addition, a website that would look professional. At SISCO, we work with various Offices and we always have to make the best first impression. dave-IT has been our hosting provider, social media strategist and website designer since 2018.

Terence Mathe

SISCO (Private) Limited.

My business is Electric Gates, Fencing and Fabrication. I am ‘Old School’ so I had limited knowledge when it came to emails, websites and social media. dave-IT understood my budget and most importantly took the time to understand what I do. I get more clients today because my brand is professional.

Ben Gates

Ben Gates (Private) Limited.

Everyone, from the first phone call to the last, has been a pleasure to deal with. All of our requests were taken into account and incorporated into the project. The installation process was astonishingly smooth. Thank you so much.

Linda Moore


The most common location for the installation of solar panels is the roof. Most roofs typically have the desired specifications for the installation.


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